Integrated Preparedness & Protection

• Planning for Catastrophes
• Public Health and Safety
• Pre-Disaster National Disaster Recovery Framework
• Warning and Evacuation
• Relocation of Populations
• Vulnerable Populations
• Presidential Policy Directive 8: National Preparedness

Applied Mitigation

• Resilience Building
• Community Based Programs
• Training
• Hazard Mitigation Joint Field Office Strategies
• Hazard Mitigation Field Operations and Outcomes
• National Program Goals and Metrics
• Mitigation Strategy Development
• Collaborative Partnership Development
• Cadre Management

Effective Response

• Joint Field Office Functioning
• Emergency Support Functions
• Rapid Assessment
• Action Learning

Sustained Recovery

• Capacity Building and Community Planning
• Long-Term Community Recovery
• Recovery Support Functions
• Individual Assistance Program
• Individual and Social Needs
• National Disaster Recovery Framework
Ruback Associates Welcomes You

Emergency management has become more sophisticated because disasters have become increasingly complex and costly. There is a growing appreciation for training, for data-based decisions, and for evidence-based evaluations. And, following the Presidential Directive on National Preparedness and the National Disaster Recovery Framework, there is greater integration of agencies and resources. Ruback Associates is at the forefront of these changes, and we are honored to work with the caring individuals who respond to and plan for disasters and acts of terrorism.

About Ruback Associates

Jasmin Ruback, CEO
Jasmin Ruback, CEO
We use an evidence-based and creative approach to our work. We work to improve disaster services by helping agencies fulfill their commitments to taxpayers, and we work to secure future funding and continued improvement of the disaster system by linking:
• Accountability and performance to policy and allocation of resources
• Learning and training to the quick paced response environment
• Community recovery to sustainability
• Applied research to people in the field.
• Existing networks and activities to programs.
• All-Hazards planning to terrorism and humanitarian, natural, and technological disasters.
• Public and private services and resources to needs.

We work with individuals and communities affected by disasters: local, state and federal agencies, engineers, politicians, scientists, emergency managers, public health professionals, tribal leaders, universities, public safety officials, non-profit agencies, industry and corporate leaders and the media. We have experience in dealing with groups that require special attention: children, individuals with disabilities, others with access and functional needs, diverse communities, and people with limited English proficiency.

Certified Women's Business Enterprise
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